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Discovering Brittany

The Discovering Brittany group aims to offer outings and events for those members with an interest in:

  • culture, arts and religion through the centuries

  • the region today - interesting local people and their activities

  • tourist sites - the famous and the unknown

  • industry - agriculture, land use and the way the region sustains itself

  • tiny cottage industries and crafts

  • the natural heritage - landscapes, fauna, flora, etc. 

  • local customs


We try to run outings every month, sometimes more often in spring and summer. 

Most visits take place on Mondays, Wednesdays or Saturdays.  Some outings are local in Central Brittany, and others take us further away in Brittany, but mainly in Côtes d’Armor

and Finistère.


We share cars whenever possible so that people who don’t drive can also take part.


Local Heritage


Varied local outings have included:

  • St Pierre's Church and St Gildas's Chapel at Carnoët

  • the Church and Radio Kreiz Breizh broadcasting station at St Nicodème

  • St Pierre's Church and the Menou biscuit factory (with its museum devoted to old shops)

  • Patrick Morin's Breton spaniel breeding farm at Keranlouan, Callac

  • the volcanic lava quarry of Milin-ar-Stang at Lohuec

  • the remembrance stone of Kerhamon at Duault

  • Lohuec, the history of its former low furnaces and the remains of slag in the local forest

  • several visits to Michel Lozac’h, a beekeeper in Callac

  • several local farms - traditional, organic or with the latest technology

Discovering the Breton Heritage


We have also visited numerous sites further afield in Brittany, such as:

  • the parish cloisters of St-Thégonnec, Lampaul-Guimiliau and Guimiliau (29)

  • la Pointe de la Torche (29)

  • Bénodet and the Boutiguéry gardens (29)

  • the village of Poul-fétan (56)

  • l'Ile de Batz (29

  • Pont-Aven (29)

  • Tréguier and Plougrescant (22)

  • the Ile Grande (22)

  • the Presqu'île du Crozon (29) where we visited the old Landevennec Abbey, Camaret, the Pointe du Pen Hir, the Cap de la Chèvre and the Térénez Bridge.

  • The Domaine de Trévarez (29)

  • The Domaine de La Roche-Jagu (22)

Recent Activities

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