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Breton Heritage

A few years ago, the Association des Amis used to run outings to discover new places in Brittany.


We visited numerous sites in Brittany, such as:

  • the parish cloisters of St-Thégonnec, Lampaul-Guimiliau and Guimiliau (29)

  • la Pointe de la Torche (29)

  • Bénodet and the Boutiguéry gardens (29)

  • the village of Poul-fétan (56)

  • l'Ile de Batz (29)

  • Pont-Aven (29)

  • « the Women artists of Brittany » exhibition (1850-1950) at the Museum of Le Faouët (56)

  • the 7 islands and Ploumanac'h (22)

  • Tréguier and Plougrescant (22)

  • the Ile Grande (22)

  • the Presqu'île du Crozon (29) where we visited the old Landevennec Abbey, Camaret, the Pointe du Pen Hir, the Cap de la Chèvre and the Térénez Bridge.


We would like to revive the idea, and so we propose a new club called the « Breton Heritage Club ». Since most outings are outdoors, we should not have to cancel too many of them because of Covid.


Here are a few outings Annie J. suggests:

  • Brennilis nuclear power-station which is being dismantled (29); this could be followed by a meal at a restaurant

  • Pont-Aven (29), the village that attracted, and still attracts, so many artists. It has a museum and a famous restaurant, there are nice short walks and it is possible to do a short cruise on the River Aven

  • a visit to a fish market either at Saint-Quay-Portrieux (22), Saint-Guénolé, Penmarc'h (29) or Moguériec (famous for its lobsters) (29)

  • la pointe de Saint-Mathieu at Plougonvelin (29), where there is an abbey, a lighthouse and museums

  • Château de Kerjean (29) ...


We will share cars so that people who don’t drive can join too, contributing to the cost of the fuel.