French Conversation

The Association des Amis offers French conversation for those taking French classes, with small groups of English speakers working with one French speaker for this activity.  Catherine is assisted by some French-speaking volunteers who help with these classes.


These groups are seen as an aid to give English speakers the confidence to  converse in French outside classes in "the real world".


The re-organisation of French courses into 6 groups instead of 4 on Monday mornings and Tuesday afternoons means that French conversation has moved to a different time. Most of the time, French conversation will take place at the French-speaking volunteer's home. These are mainly French people but also include some English speakers with a very good knowledge of the French language.


Each group consists of a maximum of 4 English speakers of roughly the same standard. The groups are independent and meet on days and times that suit both the French-speaking volunteers and the students.


At the moment, there are 15 French-speaking volunteers.

If you are French or if you master the French language perfectly and wish to meet and make friends with English speakers who live in the region of Callac, while helping them to improve their French, Catherine will be happy to welcome you onto her team of friendly volunteers.