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French Conversation

The Association des Amis offers French conversation practice in small groups of English speakers working with French-speaking volunteers. The aim is to develop the confidence of English speakers to communicate more effectively in French in "the real world" outside the classroom.


Conversation practice is particularly important in support of the learning in French classes, so we try to give priority to those who are in one of the Association’s French lessons. 


Each group consists of a maximum of four English speakers of roughly the same standard of French. Meetings are informal, organised by the participants, and held in members' homes or other agreed locations. 


Catherine and Dina are assisted by some French-speaking volunteers who help with these groups. These are mainly French people but also include some English speakers with a very good knowledge of the French language. 




WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS to help with French conversation! So, if you are French, or if you have an advanced-level grasp of the French language and excellent pronunciation, we would be delighted to welcome you to our team of friendly volunteers.

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