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Nature Club

The Nature Club started in March 2022 and will meet on a monthly basis, generally on Monday afternoons. The venue will vary. 


The aims of our Nature Club at this early stage will be: 


  1. To keep general records of wildlife in our own gardens and to photograph (for example) birds, insects of interest and in particular plants which are attractive to bees and other insects such as butterflies, dragonflies, hover flies… 

  2. To consider ways of conserving wildlife and to exchange ideas which prove to be successful for example by: 

    • leaving areas of lawns etc. for periods of time without mowing them and leaving them to set flowers. 

    • leaving patches of nettles, bracken, heather, etc without cutting them back. 

    • planting to attract bees and other insects. 

  3. To count birds monthly. 

  4. To research rescue facilities for injured animals and birds. 

  5. To organise observation walks. 

  6. To post photographs and reports of interest on the Association des Amis website. 

  7. To link up with other clubs of the Association des Amis to work on shared projects.

Recent Events

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