Photography Club

The Photo Club is dormant at the moment because of the uncertain health situation but will almost certainly restart in September 2022. 

The Photo Club, run by Michael, has a dozen members, French and English, some beginners, some more advanced, who engage in, or want to engage in, digital photography.


The club meets one Saturday each month from 14:30 to 16:30. 


The usual venue is the prefab by the lake at Callac.


Members need to bring their own digital camera (or even their mobile phone); it does not matter what sort it is, but obviously the better the quality of your camera or your phone, the better resolution and quality the photos will be, but remember that we do not intend to reach a professional standard! 

Each quarter, there are, in rotation: 

· 1 session Photo of the Month (September, December, March and June) 

· 1 session of Theory and Practice 

· 1 session to practise in situ 

The themes for the Photo of the Month are always given a few weeks in advance to give everyone time to complete the assignment. The photos are viewed and commented on, and the members present then choose the Photos of the Month. 

The winning photos will then be shown on this page for some time.