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Photo Workshop

After being dormant for more than a year and a half, the Photo Club has restarted once again. It is now led by Sonya and is called Photo Workshop.


Sonya is not a professional photographer, but someone with a passion for photography, addicted to her camera and keen to encourage a friendly and relaxed exchange of ideas and skills with others of similar interests. The workshop is open to anyone from beginners to those with more experience.


At the moment, members of the Photo Workshop meet once a month on a Monday from 14:00 to 16:30 at the prefab by the lake. The room is easily accessible, as it is all on one level on the ground floor.


Some meetings will be indoors, others outdoors. Everyone will use their own camera to take photos and develop their skills.


Sonya has some projects in mind, such as photo reportages and exchanging ideas and activities with other clubs of the Association. And possibly meeting up with other camera clubs in the area?


In addition to having her own ideas, Sonya welcomes and encourages members’ suggestions & contributions, with the group being as inclusive as possible.


If members wish to meet a professional photographer now and again, it may be possible, but there would be a financial contribution for those who are interested.

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