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Photo Workshop - 2nd meeting.

Last Monday, the Photo Workshop met for the 2nd time this year at the prefab by the Callac lake (Plan d’eau de la Verte Vallée) and the lake was the theme of our meeting. Each member of the club had taken some photos along the lake in October and selected his/her 3 favourite photos. Sonya collected 30 photos altogether and made a slideshow which she sent to the club members so that they could vote for the 10 favourite photos. The 3 top-noted photos are show at the bottom.

At the start of the meeting, we watched the 30 photos, making no comments at all, then we were asked what we thought about each of them: the aim is to look at them with a critical eye, always trying to be constructive and help everyone to improve.

Sonya then proposed to those who could come along to visit the photo exhibition of the Ploumagoar Club (“Regard Objectif”) that is being shown at the “Maison de l’Épagneul Breton”. We enjoyed looking at the photos and trying to guess which proverb or phrase was represented in each photo. We then shared some coffee and got to know two of the new members better. We strongly advise you you to go and visit this beautiful exhibition which can be seen until 18th January 2023.

The Photo workshop will meet again on Monday, 30th January at 14:30 at the prefab by the lake.

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