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Walking Club - Saint Servais

It was nice and sunny last Friday for our walk around Saint-Servais. There were nine of us and four dogs. When we arrived in front of the church, we met another group from Callac, a lot bigger than ours, also ready to do the “Circuit des Éoliennes” (circuit of wind turbines). The two groups walked together a times. At one stage, I realized that three members of our group were missing… We met them again further along: they were quite out of breath as they had walked fast to try to catch us, and in fact we were behind them! It was a beautiful walk: we saw windmills of course, but also an old bread oven at the hamlet called Goas an Scaven.

Our next walk will be in January. Happy Christmas and New Year to you all!

Thanks to Mo and Lori for the photos.

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