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Special Events

Every year, the Association des Amis runs several events to enable members from different clubs and activities to meet and enjoy each other’s company. 


We all have our own tastes and interests, so we try to propose a range of different activities. We usually meet for a big annual meal, either in a restaurant, or in a more casual get-together such as a barbecue, a picnic, a buffet or even a hog roast. 


We are happy to support the activities of the Art and Photography groups when they exhibit their work, and also to enjoy small concerts by our choir. 


Obviously 2020 was exceptional because of the health situation, so we had to cancel most of our special events, such as book-swaps and quizzes. In 2021, we managed one book-swap and two meals at the Café de la Place in Callac. 


As things change, we hope to be able to offer events like this again. For the moment, we will try to go mainly for outdoor activities, such as the free buffet open to all our members in September 2022, but we are also on the lookout for new ideas. Under consideration are: 


  •  outings that will appeal to the interests of several clubs, such as the Photo Club, Gardening Club, Art Club, Gourmand Club and Walking Club. For example: 

o an outing to Abbaye du Relecq (Finistère) 

o an outing (one day or two days) to La Gacilly (Ille-et-Vilaine) 

o an outing to Pont-Aven (Finistère) 

  • a bring-and-share meal (in the style of "fêtes des voisins" where everyone brings a dish to share) 

  • a wine-tasting evening (the one we had in 2017 was a great success) 

  • a bingo session (or maybe several if the first one goes well) 


We welcome suggestions for social events, and where possible, we will do our best to make them happen. 


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