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Level 6 French

Level 6 is taught by Catherine, a native French speaker who studied French and English at the Sorbonne in Paris, qualified and then taught English for more than 30 years to secondary school and adult students. 


In 2022-2023, the Level 6 course will be taught by videoconference on Tuesdays from 10:00 to 11:15. The group will be limited to 8 people only. People who would like to join the Level 6 course in September 2022 should get in touch with Catherine now via the “Contact” page. 


The first lesson will be on Tuesday, 4th October.


Level 6 is meant for people who master French very well but still want to improve, especially by 

· revising grammatical points that could still be problematic to some of them, 

· studying tricky grammatical points (word order, the pluperfect, the "conditionnel passé", the subjunctive…). 


We will use in turn all sorts of written or oral supports (dialogues, novel extracts, short stories, newspaper or magazine articles, songs, cartoons, etc)… both for oral and written comprehension and expression, so that everyone can find activities that suit his/her tastes.

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