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Intermediate 2

The intermediate levels are taught by Catherine, a native French speaker who studied French and English at the Sorbonne in Paris, qualified and then taught English for more than 30 years, mainly to secondary school students. 

The course is limited to 10 people only.


People who would like to join the course at the beginning of October 2024 should get in touch with Catherine now via the “Contact” page. 



The Intermediate 2 group is meant for people who: 

  • are already able to communicate fairly well in French but

  • want to develop their skills further,

  • still need to work at some grammatical points they may already have studied in the past,

  • need to correct some bad habits,

  • have a good knowledge of the present tense, the near future and the passé composé,

  • have been introduced to the imparfait.


During the year, they will: 

  • revise what they learnt the year before, including the passé composé and the imparfait,

  • study the pluperfect, the future and the present conditional, 

  • use original audio and visual documents (including dialogues, songs, cartoons, and photographs) both for oral and written. comprehension and expression, so that everyone can find activities that suit his/her tastes. 


By the end of the year, after attending the course regularly, they should be able to: 

  • understand spoken French more easily,

  • have corrected most of their most usual mistakes,

  • speak and write short texts using the present, the future, the passé composé and the imparfait, the pluperfect and the conditional present,

  • have become more confident in their knowledge of French.

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