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Level 1 French


Salle Kerbuannec N°2

22160 Callac


Monday mornings from 10:00 to 12:00 


This course is meant for people who have very little French already, and will concentrate on basic everyday communications, such as: introducing yourself, shopping, making appointments, accessing public services, and travel and tourism. Some introductory grammar will be involved; but the emphasis will be on communicating. 


· Topics covered will include (with related vocabulary) 

· Talking about yourself – name, address, age, contact details. How to give all this information in French, including spelling and numbers 

· Basic conversation with different people – friends, neighbours, professionals, officials 

· Describing your domestic situation – family, housing, animals etc. 

· Three major irregular verbs in the present tense – avoir, aller, être 

· Shopping for food, goods and services 

· Food and drink - eating out, cooking 

· Likes and dislikes, daily activity: 

· Introduction to group 1 -er verbs in the present tense



The Level 1 group will be taught by Dina.

Dina studied history and linguistics in Australia, and has a varied career history in information management, library and museum work, editing and proofreading, and latterly in environmental documentary production and distribution.


Dina’s mother language is English but she speaks and writes French fluently. Because of her background, she is well aware of the difficulties an English speaker may have to face when learning French.


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