Level 1 French

The Level 1 course will take place on Thursday mornings from 11:00 to 12:00 at the communal room (Kerbuannec 2).


This course is meant for people who need to learn some basic French, such as time notions, colours, numbers, food, leisure and sport.


They will do very little grammar but will practise a lot, so that by the end of the year, those who have attended the course regularly should be able to:

  • speak about themselves and their family

  • ask and answer some very simple questions

  • make themselves understood in everyday situations such as shopping, asking for an appointment or ordering at the restaurant.



The Level 1 group will be taught by Dina.


Dina studied history and linguistics in Australia, and has a varied career history in information management, library and museum work, editing and proofreading, and latterly in environmental documentary production and distribution.


Dina’s mother language is English but she speaks and writes French fluently. Because of her background, she is well aware of the difficulties an English speaker may have to face when learning French.


Dina prefers to teach in front of her class, but depending on the health situation during the year, we all may have to adapt, so people joining any of the French groups this year must be aware that we may have to turn to video conferences at some stage.

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