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The Tuesday Club

The Tuesday Club meets on Tuesday evenings between 6:30 and 9:00 pm throughout the year at the Café de la Place in Callac, except when Sophie and Loïc - the very friendly owners - are on holiday of course!


We chose the Café de la Place as our current regular venue as it is central, convenient both to the members who live in Callac and to those who live in the villages nearby, and because we can relax there in the friendly, welcoming, atmosphere, maybe over a hot drink, a soft drink or a glass of wine, and even some nibbles that we share.  


No need to arrive at 6:30 sharp, we arrive whenever we can. This is the whole idea: to come whenever we are free on a Tuesday evening and feel like meeting up socially with other members of the Association.


Attending the Tuesday Club is a very good excuse to get out and chat together on whatever topic takes our fancy, but always in a friendly and respectful way.


At the moment, conversation is mainly in English as very few French people come on a regular basis - but if more French people joined us, we could have two tables: one with people speaking in English, and one where we would speak French, with of course the possibility of changing tables as we feel like it! We would like the Tuesday Club to be a good opportunity for everyone to practise both French and English!


Now that lockdown rules are relaxing, the Tuesday Club is meeting again, but always respecting current health regulations and advice. We hope that, before long, the number of members attending will go back up to what it used to be!

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