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Since 2018, we have run quizzes for the members of the Association.   

They have been very successful, with more and more people attending each time.


This year, we plan to run some quizzes on three Tuesdays from 14:00 to 17:00 at Kerbuannec (room 1) in Callac. This is the green building with large windows between the Kerbuannec gymnasium and Intermarché. The entrance to the building is at the back, off the car park.


There are usually 80 questions (prepared by two volunteer members of the Association) covering a number of subject areas.  The questions are presented in both English and French.


People wanting to participate are asked to form teams of 3 or 4 (preferably with a mix of English and French speakers). Members can invite friends to join their team, even if their friends are not members of the Association.





For the first time this year, we also intend to run a bingo session on a Tuesday afternoon at Kerbuannec Room 1. The idea is to share a pleasant afternoon together and enjoy a game of bingo.  Don’t expect any super big prizes though!


Joining the quizzes or the bingo session is free for members of the Association des Amis.  Relatives and friends are welcome, but will be asked to pay a small contribution to help cover costs.


The Association provides the drinks, but participants are encouraged to bring some nibbles, savouries or cakes to share.


We hope you will join us! 😊

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