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Gardening Club

Do you like gardening, or want to learn about gardening?  Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, our Gardening Club should suit you.  So come and join us!


We are a group of French and English-speaking amateur gardeners who love gardening and learning new techniques, but also love meeting, exchanging ideas and enjoying each other's company.


The Gardening Club meets usually on one Saturday per month, with a possible break in the winter months.  


Activities include:

  • exchange of plants, cuttings, seeds, bulbs, pots...

  • demonstrations of various techniques by members of the club, other knowledgeable amateurs and sometimes by professionals (cutting, grafting, layering, pruning rose plants, shrubs and trees, composting, floral creations, hanging baskets, etc.)

  • visits to gardens, parks, plant fairs and nurseries

  • mutual aid for some gardening jobs (weeding, for example).

Di, who leads the group, would like members to suggest activities so that there is something in the club to suit everyone. Activities are mainly outdoors as we regularly have to respect some restrictions because of the health situation.

Recent Activities

Click on a post below to find out more about the activity.

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