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Level 2 French


Thursday mornings from 10:00am until 12:00 midday


16 rue de Cleumeur (between Claire Coiffure and the Kerbian Farm shop)

22160 Callac


The first lesson will be on Thursday, October 6.


Because of restrictions placed on meetings and public venues during the Covid epidemic, levels 1 and 2 were combined into one group. This combined group will stay together (as levels 2 and 3) for the year beginning in October 2022. Separate groups for levels 1, 2 and 3 will be reinstated for the year beginning September 2023. 


If you are in doubt, please contact Dina to discuss the right level for you.


Level 2 will cover the following: 


· Revision of what we covered in the previous year (see level 1) 

· Further work on group 1 verbs, including negatives and asking questions 

· Introduction to useful irregular verbs such as faire and venir 

· Reflexive verbs 

· Introduction to other tense forms, such as the recent past and the near future 

· Listening, pronunciation and conversation practice 

· Developing vocabulary 


This year will have a greater grammar content, but always emphasizing what the group members will find most useful in their day-to-day activities. After completing this year, students will be more comfortable in talking with French speakers in casual situations, and with placing and managing orders, using the telephone, organising appointments, asking questions and stating their needs and preferences. They will have an improved ability to express what they have done in the past and what they will do in the future.



The Level 2 group will be taught by Dina. She studied history and linguistics in Australia, and has a varied career history in information management, library and museum work, editing and proofreading, and latterly in environmental documentary production and distribution.


Dina’s mother language is English but she speaks and writes French fluently. Because of her background, she is well aware of the difficulties an English speaker may have to face when learning French.

Choose your level from the options below.

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