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Hello, and welcome to the Association des Amis! 


Whether you’re already a member of the Association, or a visitor looking for friendly, recreational activities, then this site is for you! 


The Association was set up in 2009 to offer social and cultural events and activities to people in Callac and the surrounding areas. We do this through a number of special interest clubs, regular get-togethers and events to share common interests and make new friends. This informal approach can be a great help to those new to the area. 

A vital part of what we offer is an ongoing programme of low-cost French classes, from absolute beginner through to more advanced levels. The classes are held in Callac in small, informal groups or online groups.

We also try to provide speaking and listening opportunities for conversation practice, for both English and French speakers. 

We hope that you will enjoy exploring what we offer and that you will find the information you need. If you are not yet a member of the Association, we hope that you will feel inspired to join us! 


The President and her faithful team of volunteers.

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