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Thursday Social Club

We thought that the Golf Club should be renamed ‘Thursday Social Club’, which will more accurately reflect the activities available.


Although the golf club started well, there are now only a few members who play on a regular basis.  Other members continue to attend, which is excellent, but they entertain themselves with other activities.


The club continues to meet on a Thursday afternoon from 2.00pm onwards.


Those wishing to join the regular golfers for a round of golf are most welcome and should be ready to move off with the other players from the car-park at 2.00pm.


Other golfing activities include the pitching green, driving range and the practice putting green.  And, the new mini golf course, sited near the club house, has already proved popular.


There is also an area, adjacent to the club house, that could be used for pétanque (free… just bring your pétanque balls!).


The golf club is part of the “Vallée de l’Hyère” (the river that flows through Carhaix) where the Carhaix camping site is located. It is a beautiful and peaceful nature setting that offers a flat easy stroll around two lakes (and more difficult walks for hikers). There is also the possibility to practise various activities, such as cycling, angling, zip-gliding or even horse-riding at the nearby riding centre.


There is plenty to do before taking advantage of refreshments (hot and cold drinks available) in the well-appointed club house which sits in well-manicured gardens overlooking the golf course (well worth a gentle walk around, having a look at the beautiful plants and trees, whatever the season).


Some members may of course prefer to just sit and chat and enjoy the peace and quiet of this lovely location.


Whatever your preference we hope that you will join us.

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